Big hair, big heels – Solotude 2!

sunday bumdayLast night was Solotude 2, an event created by the lovely team at Sydney Pole to offer a Showcase performance environment for upcoming and recognised pole dance artists.

The line up was amazing! Penelope Pitbull, Porsche, Blue Phoenix, Bailey Hart, Elle Lacroix, Ebony and Oryx! To share the stage with these fabulous performers, and chat backstage with their humble selves was incredible!

So pleased with my routine too! First time dancing in heels for some time, but managed not to stack it, and even danced with my hair out – in all it’s long goldilocks glory!

The feedback was amazing, particularly about my hair! Cannot wait to see the shots from The Black Light, but for now here is a backstage shot for #sundaybumday!

On such a performance high!

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  1. Love the heels!

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