Mel has been dancing since 2011, training at Art of Pole Studio, Sydney Pole and Sydney Dance Company. Expressing an interest in performing since beginning her pole career, Mel took advantage of regular Showcase events and Christmas Party productions offered by the studio, quickly gaining experience with solo and group performances in both the studio and public arena. Highlights of her dance career include performing at Encore Sydney Pole Show 2014 as part of a group, returning as a solo for Encore Sydney Pole Show 2015, and being chosen as one of four to train exclusively with Jamilla Deville as part of her Extend Yourself dance training program.

Mel is currently based in Phnom Penh, training at the National Circus School in aerial silks and lyra. She has also trained in Bangkok, Singapore, Paris and the UK, seeking inspiration from pole dancers and other styles of dance.

Mel is known for her diversity and musicality, choosing songs from outside the box to present a new and exciting performance each time. Her performances have a strong choreography focus with polished transitions and poses that complement the structure and stylistic elements of the music.


January 2018 UPDATE – Mel is now a Spin City Certified Stretch and Flexibility Instructor!

Read more about Spin City Courses here!





Mel has been interviewed by Rowena Gander from Pole Purpose.

pp logo“[Mel Nutter] offers insightful views into the pole dance industry with topics that range from reading for pole dancers, stage presence, choreography and much more…

With an informed view on dance making, this interview makes for a fascinating read.”


Read the full interview here!

Mel is also endorsed by YK Art House, Phnom Penh, supporting people in reaching their health and fitness goals! Read more here.

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Who is Baudelaire?

Mel’s stage name, Baudelaire, is a direct reference to the 19th century French poet, Charles Baudelaire. Not only a fan of his poetry and prose, Mel felt a connection to his outlook on life and creative expression. An artists’ stage name or pseudonym supports their creation of character and ability to express, dramatize, and convey feeling when performing.

Baudelaire_signatur_.svgBaudelaire by Gustave Courbet