From yoga to barre, handstands and foam rolling, I’ve tried many body work practices to compliment my aerial training. Each one supports strength building, flexibility training, alignment, balance, and body awareness, lessening the chance of injuries and giving me time to love my body back for all the amazing things it can do!

I am always interested in trying new training programs. If you teach or attend a class that I have not featured here, let me know! I’d love to come along and share my experience with my readers. Contact me here!

Thailand YogaPart 1: Yoga – June 2015

“Back strengthening and flexibility? Check!
Shoulder openers? Check!
Hip openers? Check!”

handstand open legsPart 2: Handstands – September 2015

Handstands will “compliment your pole dancing and condition many parts of your body to make you a stronger and safer dancer”

ballet armsPart 3: Ballet – November 2015

From an “enthusiastic adult student … albeit in active wear and socks rather than a tutu and ballet slippers!”

Stall-Bars-Leg-LiftsPart 4 : Stall Bars – March 2016

For “added conditioning, … strength and flexibility training as well as alignment”

Foam Rolling StretchPart 5: Foam Rolling – May 2016

“Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique that works by massaging the fascia and muscle fibers.”

flat lay barrePart 6: Barre – July 2016

The “barre is a place of strong toned women who are training like ballerinas!”

Part 7: Push Ups – April 2017

Push ups target your arms, chest, core, glutes, and stabilising muscles. They are one of the most efficient body weight exercises that you can do.

Part 8: Acroyoga – October 2017

Acroyoga can support body awareness, core stability, balance, and be a great introduction to partner work on the pole or aerial apparatus.

Part 9: HIIT – October 2018

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and may well come to become your new fitness best friend.