Small pole roomA few weeks ago I was asked to contribute to an article for Cleo’s Rock N Pole blog. Ebony, who I know through Sydney Pole, is a regular Cleo author, choosing topics that are accessible to the everyday pole dancer.




Setting up a pole at home can require some creative problem solving, ingenuity, and money. But if you are able to create a dance space that you love and that is easy to use, your dance practice will improve immensely!

For the article I offered some extra advice on how to make the most of your space, including tips for multipurposing furniture.

Mel Nutter uses the walls to practice her Iron X!

8. We’ve kicked the furniture more times than we care to admit
Despite our best intentions of finding enough room for the pole, something in our space always seems to bear the brunt of a high kick or flying stiletto! Ceiling fans, lights and anything with sharp edges are particularly dangerous to collide with, so take them out first before you set up your pole! If you have limited space where stuff can’t easily be moved, Mel Nutter suggests this tip: “Use furniture to your advantage! Handstands in the hallway, large cabinet for barre work etc. If your pole area is small, use it to help you keep your transitions tight!”


Read the rest of the article here!

Happy dancing!