pole gave meOne of my pole instructors started a hashtag, promoting an honest and heartfelt space to share your pole journey – #whatpolegaveme

This was my contribution with a few photo memories of some powerful pole moments from the last four years.

“Four years ago I stepped into the studio at Art of Pole. Pretty ghetto, no foyer just a room with brass 50s, floor to ceiling mirrors and poster sized photos of some fierce women flying through the sky on a pole. What was I doing here? It was a far cry from the blissed out yoga space of my previous obsession but something deep inside of me wanted to stay.

It’s such a cliche but it’s try, pole has given me confidence. A fearlessess to be myself and say “hell yeah I can!” I am still on a journey out of my shy little box but pole has opened the lid!

It’s a space to be creative and try something new, be accepted for being a bit outside the box and be pushed to make whatever it is the best it can be. To make me the best me i can be.

Pole has also taught me about being a woman! How to own my body and move and dance to how I feel.

And on a lighter note, pole has also given me a reason to shave my legs in winter and walk around with no pants! Best ever!”

Check out the #whatpolegaveme to read some inspiring stories from Aussie pole dancers. You may need a box of tissues for some.