IMG_20150701_070402This month I’ve joined the Volare Magazine Pole Challenge on Instagram. A week in and most of the tricks have been familiar to me, but it’s been great motivation to get on the pole everyday.

I’m not sure how people go about entering these challenges when they don’t have a pole at home. Being in the studio everyday is tough (and expensive!), but I also recognise that poling at home can be difficult. You don’t have a peer group to motivate you, you don’t have a spotter for harder tricks and sometimes life just gets in the way.

Having a pole community is so important to the effectiveness and longevity of your practice. Instagram and Facebook and other types of social media are great in helping you build that community and help you learn new tricks or just feel inspired to dance.

So I committed myself! For the month of July, I will stick to his challenge. It’s winter here in Sydney, so this is also extra incentive to get up and get moving.

Check out my Instagram to see where I’m up to! Maybe I’ll even win a few prizes!