welcome imageI’d like to assume that if you have found yourself here you are a pole dancer. I’m a pole dancer. And this blog offers a place to muse about pole dancing, offer a point for discussion, and work as a way to connect to the pole dancing community.

As I approach my 5th year in the industry, reflecting on a lifestyle that started out as a hobby and is now deeply ingrained in my everyday, I would like to use this blog to also share some of my journey.

In an ideal world, my stories and opinions will help someone at home, or in the studio, to be inspired, to create, and to dance!

At the moment you can read about my pole journey in the Blog. This includes musings related to dancing, technique, choreography, sewing my own costumes, music appreciation, other pole dancers, performances I am involved in, nutrition, interviews, and everything else about pole.

In the future, I also plan to upload tutorial videos and some of my workshop material. Let me know if there are particular tricks, techniques or tips you want to see first!

If you can’t wait, check out my Instagram for up to date clips of my pole journey, head to Facebook or click through to YouTube videos of previous performances.

Thanks for reading, and keep on dancing!