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Solotude 2!

solotude2Here we go again! Riding the success of the first Solotude in June, the awesome girls at Sydney Pole are running the showcase event once more!


To celebrate having my caboose on the poster twice, I’ve got a sexy routine in the works that’s all about big heels, hair flicks, and being a woman!

(and it’s a great distraction from comp prep!)


Sydney Pole – Pole Changed Me

pole changed meIn a similar exploration of the power of pole, Sydney Pole has put on a Pole Changed Me Challenge, asking for a one minute video of how pole dancing has changed your life.



There have been some humorous commentaries about the size of biceps and willingness to wear shorty-shorty-short-shorts, but underneath this comedy is some truly beautiful messages about the effect that pole dancing can have on your life.


Here is my contribution: