A Story in Song Titles

Last year, Sydney Pole started a call out for people’s stories – How Pole Changed Me. Dancers submitted videos, slideshows, or anecdotes revealing their reasons for taking up pole and the affect it has had on their lives.

Pole dance is an empowering practice and many stories share very powerful and personal messages of triumph, renewal, hope, and self love.

You can see my video from last year here.

Just for fun, this year I found a new way to share my story. With a backlog of over 18 solos and group choreography projects, it seemed there was a tonne of data just waiting to be collated into a story.

Writing out the song titles for each of these projects, they seemed to follow their own path that reflected my personal pole dance journey. Each song appears in chronological order from 2011 until now.

Perhaps my subconscious has been working at this all along! It all came together in a very uncanny way!

Bonus points for matching the song name to the photo if you have been following along!

Mel Nutter as Baudelaire PCM


Many of these songs appear on my playlist which you can listen or subscribe to here.

I’d love to hear about your own pole journey! Find a way to express it creatively, or just speak from the heart. You might just be surprised to see how far you have come!

Music to Pole to

Sometimes I’m busy working with a song for a performance.

Other times I just need a song that will drown out any background noise and lull me into a blissful state of dancing ecstasy.

Feel free to subscribe to this playlist for updates of what I’m dancing to lately. You’ll find everything from slow and sensual, fast and loud, atmospheric, hip hop, lyrical, and instrumental.

Pole dance seems to fit my every mood.